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        Nude lips with lip makeup

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        Bare-lipped figures can be seen everywhere on the makeup stage this season. The fashion, which has been active on the catwalk since 2001, has gone through the evolution year by year. It has long said goodbye to the initial pale and weak, and has been transformed into the healthy vitality of today. This season's nude lip will be texture as the focus of creating, rich color, more touching is that this season's nude lip will be a game of light and shadow.

        The nude lip trend is back in a big way

        The history of bare lips can be traced back to 1991, when Ms. Bobbi Brown launched 10 natural color lipsticks that sold like crazy. The original "bare lips" effect was supposed to look like the color of the lips without being dry or greasy. Between 2001 and 2003, the nude lip trend was already on the rise, with some of the leading designers locking their models' lips to "nude" on the catwalk during the spring/summer Paris fashion Week. In 2004, bare lips seemed to go quiet for a while. However, this is how fashion comes and goes, and in the autumn and winter of 2005, bare lips exploded and became all the rage. Bare lips are everywhere in the autumn/Winter 2005 look, with lips drawn in frosty, shell or very transparent natural colors, as if no lip makeup had been applied. This trend has continued to this day, but with the progress of The Times, it is also undergoing transformation, pale decadent lip color gradually faded, replaced by vibrant, healthy and full of light lips. In this year's autumn and winter makeup, many brands made such "bare lips" as the focus of makeup, the nude lip trend is making a high-profile return this fall.

        Lip makeup interpretation this season IN nude lips

        Bare lips, as the name implies, look as if they have not been made up, and the lip color is very close to your skin tone, not visible but looking several times more delicate than usual. This year's fashion week is all about "naked lips". If you want to be beautiful and fashionable, keep in mind the three points of "light, color and quality".


        Light plays games with light and shadow

        Anyone who follows fashion should remember the first two years of the trend of bare lips, which looked pale and lackluster, which was inseparable from the rock trend of the time. But this year, the futuristic trend is spreading metallic glitter over lips, so "light" is one of the highlights of this season's bare lips. Adding pearlescent, satin or even metallic light to a seemingly insignificant lip gloss can make the lip shape more three-dimensional and natural, allowing light and shadow to flow between the two pink lips.

        Color is no longer homogeneous

        Nude lips have moved beyond the monochromatic confines of a single color, and are no longer the age of a flesh-toned lipstick that is close to lip color. Nowadays, the concept of nude color has been widespread. Soft milk tea color, elegant natural brown, light pink, beach color, cinnamon, coral, honey, light apricot, amber and so on are the favorite colors of this autumn's "naked lips", which are also very suitable for Asian yellowish skin color.

        Three ways to play with bare lips

        A subtle nude lip that shows no sign of being subtle will give you an elegant vitality, and Ms. Bobbi Brown has also said that a lipstick the same color as your own lips is less mistakeable and can be used all the time. Here are three tips to keep in mind for this season's trendy lip look:

        Adjust the base color of your lips

        If you want the nude lips to be painted properly, you must first adjust the color of the lips. We all know that applying color to white paper has a very different effect than black paper. If your lips are lighter, you can skip this step; If your lips are reddish or dark red, gently press concealer on the surface of your lips or base them with a fleshy pink lipstick before choosing a nude shade that suits you.

        Stack upgrade light sense

        Light and shadow are a big part of bare lips this season, and the mercerized glow is built on an even lip color, so layers of gloss, from lip liner to lipstick to lip gloss, upgrade the glow. Layer by layer, follow the principle of darker to lighter. The upper layer of lip gloss is more about brightening the lips and highlighting the perfect lip shape. If you have even lip color, you can go straight to the same color lipstick and lip gloss to add light. This year's lip gloss is much more granular than usual, so choose based on that.

        The powder doubles the texture

        Soft lip touch may not seem like something to look at, but this season's nude lips will make you feel soft and textured. In addition to choosing the right color for yourself, we should pay more attention to the tips of upper lip makeup. When you finish applying lip gloss, don't hurry to call it a day, press gently with paper towels on the surface of the lip, absorb the excess oil, put on a layer of honey powder, choose honey powder with some shining pearlescent particles, and then use lip gloss or lip gloss lightly brush the surface of the lip, not the whole smear, just focus on the middle of the upper and lower lip.

        Lip gloss tight lips

        In terms of the choice of lipstick and lip gloss, because lips are very prone to water shortage and the climate in South Korea is relatively dry, moisturizing is a very important consideration in my opinion. Now many lip gloss have added maintenance ingredients, so that you can do maintenance at the same time, it is really very happy. Natural ingredients are also important. Bad lipsticks containing lead and mercury are invisible killers for your lips. Don't buy a lipstick from an unknown source at a cheap price.

        The color of the lipstick is full, bright and delicate, and the color effect is very good. The lip gloss has a jelly-like powder and pearl shine, which makes me feel more beautiful when I apply makeup to my lips every day.

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